Yoga, breath & meditation

The practice of mindfulness extended to all, regardless of age, race, sexuality, gender identity, physical or mental ability, so everyone has the opportunity to experience the true benefits
Yoga is not about having a flexible body; it’s about having a flexible mind, and it’s accessible to all of us - Jivana Heyman, founder of Accessible Yoga

In a nutshell

Harnessing the benefits of mindfulness and adapting to suit the individual, rather than the other way around.

Complete practice

Combining breathwork (pranayama), yoga movements (asana) with meditation (dhyāna) as a wholistic practice.

Creative Props

Wide range of props (like chair, cushions & blocks) and techniques used to customize the session in order to meet you where you are.


As part our commitment to share yoga with everyone, exhale is now a supporting organisation of the Global Accessible Yoga movement.

Special needs - Accessible yoga

“Joel has moderate ASD. Before yoga lessons, he was previously very unsettled, screams when he has sensory overload, stimming and the usuals of ASD kids. After attending a few sessions of yoga which focus on breathing and some core exercises, Joel is more calm. His frequency of stimming and screaming has decreased. He is more aware of his surroundings and will verbalise “ too noisy”. He’s more settled too. Yoga has helped me and Joel greatly. I strongly recommend yoga to special needs children.”

– Mum of Joel Lim (Rainbow Centre)

Read more about “Accessible yoga for kids with special needs” here

frequently asked questions

The private yoga, breath & meditation sessions uses foundational principles from yoga, movement & mobility, breathwork and meditation. Classes are customised and adapted to meet your needs regardless of physical or mental health in order to achieve the desired benefits.

Based on your requirements, we may work with a combination of these practices to improve strengthening, flexibility, mobility or stability from a physical standpoint. Specific breathwork & meditation practices may also be incorporated to support your mental & emotional health.

The key is to come with an open heart, disregarding common perceptions of what yoga should be, allowing yourself to build your own connection with your body and mind. And above all, a willingness and commitment to focus on your own overall health and well-being.

An introductory intake is conducted with new clients to understand your needs and requirements, as well as objectives and intent for the private accessible yoga sessions.

In consultation with the client, recommendations are made with regard to delivery mode (eg. face-to-face in studio /at home /in office or online), frequency of the sessions and desired milestones.

During the sessions, a variety of props are used to adapt the practice. In addition to the regular yoga props, we also use chairs, the wall, towels, massage balls to tailor to the client’s purpose.

These are the possible options for the private sessions

  • Our dedicated space: with easy access to a range of yoga props, equipment and the space to move beyond the mat.
  • Home visits: where it is inconvenient for the client to travel (eg. if they are wheel-chair bound or in a nursing home) or have schedule limitations, the private yoga sessions can also take place within the home environment where we will advise on proper spatial considerations (transport cost additional).
  • Online : Facilitated over the internet, we will advise on proper viewing angle and setup for these sessions. (For kids with special needs we do not recommend online sessions due to the individual attention and dedicated support required).

Private yoga, breath & meditation sessions can be suitable if you

  • Have specific physical injuries (eg. knee injuries, lower back), require dedicated attention, and find it challenging to attend regular group yoga classes.
  • Have general limitations (eg. wheelchair or bed bound, using a walking stick/walker).
  • Prefer a customised program incorporating breathwork, yoga and meditation that is specific to your lifestyle and schedule.
  • Are interested in developing a personal mindfulness & meditation practice.

We have worked with senior citizens, kids with special needs, kids in palliative care, adults with mental health challenges, cancer-recovery patients, and busy senior corporate executives.


  • All props are provided at our studio – yoga mat, blocks, straps additional yoga accessories. If you prefer to bring your own yoga mat/towel to lay over our mat, that is possible too
  • If you’re doing an online session, please prepare the laptop/tablet setup and yoga mat layout 15mins before the scheduled time.
  • Come in comfortable wear that you can stretch in
  • Ideally do not consume any food within 1-2 hours of the session
  • We have filtered water available for consumption at the studio but you are welcome to bring your own water container

what is the investment

  • $160

    Yoga, breath & meditation

    Single session
    • Basic introductory intake
    • One hour session
    • Face-to-face or online
    • Option for house visits @ $50
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  • $160

    Sound healing & meditation

    Single session
    • Setting intention
    • One hour session
    • Face-to-face or online
    • Option for house visits @ $50
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  • $148


    Ten sessions for $1480
    • 10 Private 1 hr sessions
    • $20 additional per extra pax
    • 5 mths validity
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  • $138


    Three sessions for $415
    • *For first-timers only
    • 3 Private 1 hr sessions
    • $20 additional per extra pax
    • 2 mths validity
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