Yes, we can communicate with animals [A magazine]

Yes, we can communicate with animals [A magazine]

Written by Daven Wu for A magazine Singapore

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“Animal communication is mostly non-verbal, telepathic and can consist of emotions, sensations, thoughts, intentions and translations relating to the five senses,” says Tan Ming Li, a reiki master and mindfulness teacher. “It’s about relationships between humans and other sentient beings. It is about appreciating and respecting the deep innate intelligence that resides in all living beings — one which we may have forgotten or pushed aside in the hustle and bustle of modern life”

Communicating with Charlie the wise orang utan, at the Singapore Zoological Gardens

“…animal communication is also about being open to the mysteries of the universe, about learning a broader spectrum of emotions and about true unconditional love….the human race needs to view sentient beings on an equal standing. We are not the ‘owners’. It seems like common sense, but when we truly embody it with humility and honour the relationship, I feel like that’s when things shift. Somehow, the communication channels with the sentient beings are so much more open and they are more willing to acknowledge their fear or anxiety and provide clues to the simplest things that can help improve the mutual connection”

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