Expand understanding through experiential learning & reflection across various modalities including yoga, expressive art, meditation and sound healing


Deepen your engagement with various healing modalities, allowing yourself time to explore and reflect, to see what truly resonates with you

Expert guest teachers

Skilled practitioners in their own field share their knowledge and hold space for you to understand and ask questions, in order to learn from each other

Curated themes

Different modalities integrated seamlessly, with specific intention around a range of emotional and psycho-somatic themes

Intimate groups

Small group sizes within an intimate setting in a safe space gives you the confidence and openness to explore the mysteries of the universe

Types of workshops

Range of workshops curated to allow you to deepen knowledge and understanding in specific interests. These can last from 2-hours to 3-4 week series

rest & reset

Our exhale signature workshop! Take the time in a restorative & yin yoga session to rest & reset. Learn about what crystals & essential oils can support you, or bring your own crystals for a little cleansing & recharging. Indulge in deep relaxation, reflection and ending off with meditation, ready kickstart a new month ahead

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Intro to Yoga & Mobility

With a foundation in Forrest Yoga, this class integrates mobility work to improve overall functioning, flexibility and strength of your body, and especially the key joints, in order to allow you to better understand potential habitual movements that can cause chronic pain & injuries. This is a 3-week series that aims to build a proper foundation in how we move, walk and sit.

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Lady in meditation with dog

Chakra meditation

Chakras (literal Sanskrit translation ‘wheel’) are centres of spiritual energy. Meditating on the Chakras can help to bring latent issues to our awareness and allow us to better understand and bring into resolution these aspects of ourselves.

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Art & meditation: Self Exploration

The relationship we have with ourselves greatly impacts our daily life. Join us in this 3-part series where we use meditation coupled with the creative art experience to explore how we view ourselves and be immersed in a deep mindful expression of our subconscious

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