Workplace Wellness

Buffet of Movement & Mindfulness programs that kick-start the journey to health & wellness, giving employees the tools they need to create healthier long-term habits
“We are embedding health & wellbeing at the heart of our business strategy because our people are our greatest asset, and we recognize that a healthy, happy and committed workforce is vital to our business success.” Alex Gourlay, ex co-COO for Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc

In a nutshell

Well-structured programs to introduce people to healthy behaviors, reducing healthcare costs and improving overall employee well-being

Expert curation

Crafted based on the needs & requirements of the organisation, relevant stakeholders and the intended outcome


Incorporates small and actionable steps that help employees find peace and calm, feel successful each step of the way, paving the way for longer-term adoption


Online and onsite options available to allow employees in disparate locations or country to come together as a community

inspire change

Authentic, unique and personally a great experience. Mindfulness, self-reflection, great practice of breathing & relaxation techniques, as well as friendly, helpful and supportive staff

Inspire Change participant

First, a big thank you for including me in this inspirational journey. It has been a really positive experience for me, at this phase in my life, dealing with challenges of work, and the pressures & stress. This journey has helped me in many ways and I hope to continue or start to inspire those around me more.

Business Owner

Not a yogi, so this experience was really quite different from what I expected. I like the breathing exercises because it taught me that I wasn't taking enough deep breaths. The meditation took some getting used to. What I think would potentially be a good addition to the program is getting other "empowering women" to share a little more about what makes them tick; their personal experiences, their visions, etc. Because learning from others' journeys is always an interesting experience for me.

Inspire Change participant

Thank you for organising such an amazing event and putting mindfulness into action in our lives. Love the booklet and how you did 3 sessions to really make us include it in our lives. I'm not sure there is anything to improve on. Perhaps an idea could be sending an email everyday to remind people [of the activity]. But to be honest, it was all great! Thank you!

Inspire Change participant

Thank you for the effort in putting this event together. It has been an amazing week and I'm so thankful for committing to this program. I love the attention to details and the lovely booklet that was put together specially for us. Ming Li, you're so good at holding space and guiding us through the techniques!

Business Owner

frequently asked questions

A buffet of Movement & Mindfulness workshops including yoga, breathwork, meditation, sound healing, or corporate presentations to kick-start the journey to health & wellness. Each workplace wellness program is customized to the needs of the organization and employees – ranging from bite-sized practices that can be integrated into seminars and town halls, to weekly yoga & breathwork sessions, somatic movement workshops and leadership programs

An initial communication will be made with the organisation’s representatives once we receive the contact enquiry form below. This is to outline the workplace wellness program and understand the requirements in order for us to provide a suitable proposal.

Once the green light is given based on mutually agreed details, steps will be taken to ensure regular communication and updates

These are the possible options for workplace wellness sessions/workshops/programs

  • External: employees can come to our healing space, or we can help to book suitable spaces based on the group size. This will allow for much needed personal interaction as a group and a fresh environment away from the office
  • Onsite: depending on the availability of space, scheduling and need to reduce employees’ travel time, the programs can be held onsite
  • Online : Facilitated over the internet, employees locally and overseas can connect virtually to participate in the programs together

Over the years, we have collaborated with

  • Global athletic apparel retailer, lululemon
  • Premium travel and tourism operator, Club Med
  • Luxury cosmetic and fashion house for sales workshops
  • Luxury automobile maker, Rolls Royce
  • Life insurance company, Prudential
  • Multinational technology company, Grab
  • Senior leaders in SMEs for leadership programs
  • Companies across a range of industries like manufacturing and F&B

popular workplace wellness programs

Theatre-style presentation


Theatre-style presentations with interactive questions and short mindfulness session.

Topics include – Unlocking the Science of Happiness, The Empathy Advantage, Radical Self-Care: Empowering Yourself



Integrated, practical workshops with movement and mindfulness practices that leave participants feeling rested and refreshed, with a key takeaway to implement a new learning into their lives

Past workshops include – Mindfulness Breathwork, Reiki & Sound healing, Breath & Mobility

Retreat and leadership programs

Retreat & Leadership programs

Onsite/offsite customised workshops curated as a single session or multi-week series to deepen participants’ experience and learning

Past programs include – Inspire Change (leadership), rest & reset™

let us help you to figure out a suitable workplace wellness program