What is reiki and how can it help ?

What is reiki and how can it help ?

Reiki is a form of complementary energy therapy that activates the body’s natural healing process, promoting a sense of calmness and restoring balance on all levels, physical, mental and emotional. Reiki can help to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. It increases feelings of peace and inner calm, and boosts your immune system. Read more about the evidenced-based research on Reiki benefits here


How does it work?

In a face-to-face session, the Reiki treatment is done with the client fully clothed. Throughout the session, the practitioner will have his/her hands in contact with or hovering over the client. Distant sessions can also take place without meeting face-to-face (eg. for people under quarantine/in hospitals, or with animals)

The human body has its own healing wisdom and takes as much or as little as it needs. The practitioner is merely the conduit for the Reiki energy, which is used by the body to help heal, rejuvenate and reinvigorate at an overall level.


Where can it take place?

These are many possible options for a Reiki treatment session.
A dedicated healing space which allows you to lay comfortably on a massage bed amidst peace & tranquility. Home visits can also be arranged, depending on space availability & environmental conditions. Distant healing sessions facilitated over the internet, where clients are guided to find suitable spaces for the session in the comfort of their own homes. Distant Reiki healing is also ideal for pets as it allows for connection without physical contact, which can be stressful for some pets during the initial session (Learn more about Animal Reiki here).

Supporting caregivers through Reiki

Who is it suitable for ?

Reiki treatment is suitable if you are
– under stress, feeling anxious, and looking for a non-invasive alternative to re-balance and better manage life’s challenges.
– feeling unusually tired and/or have not had a good nights’ sleep in a while (Read more about how Reiki can support caregivers).
– suffering from insomnia, feeling frustrated, angry and helpless.
– undergoing medical treatment and want to include reiki as a complementary therapy to support your recovery.
– exploring complementary therapies to improve your quality of life.

What do I need to prepare?

Come in comfortable wear for the session, or you can bring a set to change.
If you’re doing an online session, please prepare the laptop/tablet setup and a sofa/bed area that you can lie down without much disturbance.
You can have food before the session but not excessive.
If this is your first reiki session, do try keep to a light schedule after the session.
We have filtered water available for consumption at the studio but you are welcome to bring your own water container.

To find out more or book a session, please go to https://exhale.com.sg/reiki-therapy/


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