Boutique Yoga Classes

Intimate group classes with customised cues, clear visibility of the teacher and modifications options


Learn something at every session, whether it's a new technique, or gaining a deeper understanding of your physical or emotional health


Assortment of props and accessories available to support you in your practice, including wall, towels, and socks (yes!)


Modifications provided when necessary, whether you're a beginner or advanced practitioner, accommodating injuries or simply not having a great day but still want to maintain your practice


Be part of a special community that encourages you to pick yourself up when you fall, or just to meet yourself on your mat with no judgements and lots of fun

Emotional health investment

Here are the various health investment packages & options available. Drop-in class rate/per class credit is $32. For all frequently asked questions, please refer to our FAQ under General

  • $55

    First Step

    7 days unlimited
  • *For first-timers only
    Boutique yoga classes
    Virtual online classes
    Community events

    7 days unlimited

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  • $28


    Package : $288
  • 9 credits + 1 free = 10
    Boutique yoga classes
    Virtual online classes
    Community events
    + Selected workshops
    + Can be shared with 1 other person

    5 months validity

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  • $24


    Package : $576
  • 18 credits + 6 free = 24
    Boutique yoga classes
    Virtual online classes
    Community events
    Selected workshops
    Can be shared with 1 other person
    + Private therapy: 10% off

    8 months validity

  • Coming soon
  • $22


    Package : $896
  • 28 credits + 12 free = 40
    Boutique yoga classes
    Virtual online classes
    Selected workshops
    Can be shared with 1 other person
    Private therapy: 10% off

    12 months validity

  • Coming soon

Types of classes

Whether you're interested to kickstart a health & wellness program or have a regular weekly practice, we have a range of classes designed to help you connect with your breath and improve your mind-body connection

Forrest Yoga basics (virtual)

Created for students new to Forrest Yoga and for those looking to gain a deeper foundation, this introductory-level class will allow you to experience the practice in a simple way.

Schedule: TBC
Facilitator: Soojin Kim

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Forrest Yoga with breathwork

Learn to breathe deeply and connect with your body. Get curious about tracking the sensations with every breath, particularly while healing physical or emotional injuries. This is a theme-based complete practice that includes setting of intent, breathwork and ends off with reflection and meditation.

Schedule: Tuesdays 7.30-9pm
Facilitator: Ming Li Tan

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Slow Flow (Virtual)

An energizing sequence that awakens the body with ease and presence. Flow through simple yet dynamic movements, creating a sense of spaciousness and balance, while connecting with the breath. Feel lighter, stronger and energized from within.

Schedule: TBC
Facilitator: Derrick Tan

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Yin with Meditation (virtual)

Through the soft, quiet and meditative practice of Yin Yoga, slow down and tune in to our inner self with breath and awareness. Yin Yoga targets the body’s fascia and deep connective tissues, along with aspects of our being which are hidden and subtle. Harmonise the flow of energy/chi/prana with the release of armoring and blockages to find a renewed sense of calm, balance and equanimity.

Schedule: TBC
Facilitator: Derrick Tan

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Restorative Yin with essential oils

Harnessing the power of essential oils, awaken your olfactory system in combination with yin yoga, a relatively gentle meditative yoga practice that targets the deep connective tissues, regulating the flow of energy throughout our body. The session may include a short meditation or yoga nidra to complete the practice (under the starry sky)

Schedule: Thursdays 7.30-8.45pm
Facilitator: Ming Li Tan

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Yoga nidra

Yoga nidra is a practice of conscious deep sleep (yogic sleep) that brings about relaxation, clarity and calmness. This session is carried out using guided relaxation, usually lying down (in savasana). Regular yoga nidra practice will lead to feelings of peace on a physical, mental and emotional level, leaving you  in a fresh and relaxed state.

Schedule: Coming soon
Facilitator: To be confirmed

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What students say

Great class with a genuine teacher who shares sincerely which muscles to use and what each pose is good for or builds you up for. Appreciate the pockets of pure silence he lets us breathe into, instead of the conventional music or self help talk.

The best yin class I've attended. super relaxing, and my back felt great after the class.

Gentle and slow paced but going really deep and long into each posture, gives the body a good workout and stretch. Very patient instructor with detailed instructions. Very friendly, professional and experienced teacher.

The teacher was clear and detailed in his instructions. Learnt about parts of the anatomy key in forearm balances which were helpful for adjustments. He also caters to everyones different levels well. Studio was lovely. Mats were really grippy. Would come again!

Cosy and simple studio with hints of essential oils. The teacher is knowledgeable in his Forrest yoga and grateful for pinpointing the adjustments to improve my practice. Thank you for the great experience!

Releasing tensions on our tight neck, shoulders and back incorporating essential oils. Was a great relaxing & therapeutic session with Ming Li. Loved it

Class was small and intimate, love it as I can concentrate on my poses better. Ming Li is very friendly and welcoming, and was happy to answer any questions we had 🙂

Excellent session as always. Ming Li Tan is an awesome teacher.

Really enjoyed my gentle practice today. the studio is a genuine non-judgemental space with a lot of heart

We did handstands & forearm stands. The class will require some pre-requiste strength to progress further within the session. instructor was humourous, attentive to each individual, knowledgeable.

Love the studio - cosy and clean Love the authencity of the teacher - Mimg Li never fails to surprise me with her adaptations of simpler poses Love the essential oils - new favourite found in this class Highly recommended!

Small class in a clean, lovely space. Variations were offered for the various yin poses depending on each individual's comfort level. Essential oils were nicely incorporated. Great for tensed muscles and a midday boost!

Small class, cosy studio. We worked on neck and shoulders today--I very rarely work on this in other yin classes. Highly recommended

This (Forrest Yoga) session helped to release the tension in my neck and shoulders .... they feel so free today! Sweet!

Lovely first Forrest class with Ming Li. Slower pace class so to check alignment feel the body. Thank you!

The Yin sequence was done very well. I felt a sense of peace and I was completely relaxed after class. The hip stretches was good and I felt a sense of release. I needed this and was glad that I came for the class!

Derrick's yin poses approach were different from norm yin classes. He delivers clear instructions with his calming voice. Was soaked in a pool of calmness n high! A good class!

Class was amazing. I had an injury and Derrick really helped me through with variations that still achieved similar outcome.

A really relaxing class that seamlessly combines yin yoga with meditation. Derrick is always willing to assist throughout the class. Perfect for beginners

Ming was able to see through me, knowing what I need within only 5 breaths. Her assists are divine and with only a few hands on adjustments she showed me a totally new experience in poses I have already done several times.

Beautiful class last night, thank you. My husband and I were calm, peaceful and serene leaving, and then, we both seemed to get a burst of energy for the rest of the night! Very cool XOX

I have attended a number of exhale workshops and classes. They are thoughtfully organised and the trainers are very experienced and inspiring. Ming, my Forrest yoga teacher, is super friendly and skillful in bringing out the best in all her students.

You ladies were amazing. Patient, cheerful and very approachable. I'll forever remember 'active feet!' and telescoping the spine now. Thank you!

Spacious zen feeling. Feels like a private class with clear instructions n adjustments. Ming Li is friendly n managed to bring out the playfulness element. Will be back

I enjoyed your class very much. My abs are still aching but it feels good. Most of us don’t have time to exercise especially when we work long hours, Thanks for helping us get healthy and fit!

Absolutely love Ming’s classes! She has a relaxed and friendly teaching style but her instructions are really clear and her assists are amazing, she just seems to know instinctively how to adjust me so I can breathe more fully in every pose. Ming is very approachable and her classes are fun!

Ming has a great sense of touch that I love when I practice yoga. I feel safe and trust when she adjusted me in yoga class. Her sense of humour makes her class fun and interesting. Although sometime it is challenging, I always enjoy her teaching. She is devoted to teaching and her students. There is always something to look forward to attend Ming’s class.

A compassionate, knowledgeable teacher, Ming created a class specific for my physical issue – my lower back sensitivity. Her care for me as a student really shined through her teaching. Being a yoga teacher myself I could just relax in Ming’s mindful sequencing and trust her amazing hands on assists. Her calm, stable presence and ability to guide me to ‘ease’ in the postures that before I would associate with ‘struggle’ helped me to let go of the tension both physical and mental. My lower back issue was resolved by the end of the class! Make sure to ask for savasana assists if you practice with Ming, they are simply delicious! 🙂 Happy to have that opportunity to work with Ming!