Sound healing

Sound healing

Mastering Sound healing through Tibetan Singing Bowls

We are so honoured to be collaborating with Akiko Igarashi, distinguished teacher of healing, for two beautiful workshops to help you master the art & science of sound healing.

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(A) Introduction to Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls

In this workshop you will explore the history of this ancient healing art, the effects of sound healing and gain a firsthand experience of the benefits.

Learn to play the singing bowls, feel their beautiful vibration, and understand the therapeutic use of sound for pain management as well as space/energy cleansing in this essential workshop.

How will you benefit

  • Learn how to use ancient healing tools such as Tibetan Singing Bowl and Tingsha correctly to maximise its usage
  • Enhance your ability to discern the harmonics created by Tibetan Singing Bowls. This helps you to select the perfect bowl for yourself
  • Learn how best to maintain the healing tools if you own one

What’s included in this course:

  • How to use the rimming stick and gong stick correctly
  • How to listen to the bowls
  • History and understanding of energy and sound healing
  • How to treat a bowl (maintenance)
  • How to select the best bowl for yourself


(B) Tibetan Singing bowl : Self-healing workshop

This gives a good foundation in sound therapy and Tibetan singing bowls. Learn the ancient art of this sacred healing modality correctly and receive basic knowledge in self-healing including how to use it in your meditation practice by using just one bowl.

Who is this for? If you would like to:

  • Learn how to bring Tibetan Singing Bowls into your life to empower yourself
  • Understand the basic skills of the art of Singing Bowls to energise, calm and meditate using just one bowl
  • Learn how to bring ourselves into the state of the present moment when feel down, anxious or depressed (healing our emotions)

What’s included in this course:

  • How to give self healing and deepen your meditation practice using one bowl
  • How to use Tibetan Bell (Tingsha) into your life to clear emotional blockages
  • How to get clarity/direction and self realisation through ancient Tibetan tools. … and more!

Students must first attend ‘Introduction to Singing Bowls’ Workshop

Please bring your Singing Bowl and Tingsha (Tibetan bell) if you already own one. If not, spare ones will be provided.


Schedule & Investment

(A) Introduction to Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls : $210
30th Nov 2019, Saturday 10am-12.30pm
Book here

(B) Tibetan Singing Bowl – Self healing Workshop : $260
30th Nov 2019, Saturday 2-5pm
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230A River Valley Road (2nd floor)
Nearest MRT : Fort Canning
Parking is available at the open air carpark along Mohd Sultan Road or at UE Square



Akiko Igarashi is a distinguished teacher of healing. She is a Reiki Instructor, a Qigong practitioner, a Yoga teacher, and a Tibetan Singing Bowl Master. Above all else, Akiko is a dedicated student of life.

The practice of inner stillness and focus began at a young age with Akiko. Born in Hokkaido, Japan, she was raised in the Eastern tradition of mindful living and the knowing of the interconnectedness of all beings in our existence. Akiko has walked the pilgrimage route of Camino de Santiago Compostela three times, volunteered in orphanages, and studied healing with teachers in far-off places of Nepal, India and Japan.

Through her own journeys, Akiko embodies the understanding that to heal others we must heal ourselves. This healing of the self comes from a willingness to see, feel and listen to the messages within. And from that point of bliss, greater joy is experienced by giving, and receiving in return. This is the gift Akiko wishes to share with the world through the Shima Healing Institute and its associated projects.

Akiko has been conducting Singing Bowl workshops since 2013 in Singapore as one of pioneers in sound healing. Over the years, she has taught hundreds of sound enthusiasts from all over the world