Reiki Courses

Empower yourself through a gradual, integrated approach, coupled with a deep commitment to personal growth & exploration

where to start

If you're totally new to reiki, and interested to find out more - start by experiencing a private reiki healing session or join our community in a group reiki circle

Reiki 1 : Foundation

If you're ready to kickstart your own self-healing practice, join us for the Reiki Level 1 workshop and explore different practical ways to empower yourself

Reiki 2 : Advanced

Step into your power in this advanced Reiki 2 workshop, enhance your reiki flow and expand your 'toolbox' of techniques

Reiki 3 : Transformation

Take on the next step in your personal growth journey and be open to transformational changes that come your way

Reiki Teachers' Training

Deep commitment and personal investment in your own Reiki journey but also learning how to teach, present and market yourself

Continuing education

Ongoing workshops on specific areas of expertise to continue your growth journey and exploration

Are you ready to begin ?