Integrative bodywork
Integrative bodywork
Integrative bodywork

Integrative bodywork

Remedial massage therapy like myofascial bodywork is a hands-on complementary healing modality that focuses on releasing the muscles (myo) & connective tissues (fascia) in order to relieve pain, aches & tension. This can be due to injuries, scar tissues (eg. from surgery), or lifetime of habitual patterns (eg. bad posture) resulting in adhesions & chronic pain. These adhesions can cause limited range of motion, tightness & pain not only in the affected area but extends throughout other body parts.
Craniosacral therapy has its roots in cranial osteopathy, traditionally focussing on the cranial bones, spinal vertebra and sacrum, as well as the central nervous system, cerebrospinal fluid and system of membranes. The craniosacral practitioner often focus upon optimizing the position, fluid movement (‘wave’) and energy (piezolelectric charge and chi) of these parts of the craniosacral system. Combining both analytic understanding and intuitive perception allows stillness to happen and real healing to occur.
Reiki is a form of complementary energy therapy that activates the body's natural healing process, promoting a sense of calmness and restoring balance on all levels, physical, mental and emotional. A Reiki treatment is done through the hands with the client fully clothed, and the Reiki energy will be used by the body to help heal, rejuvenate and reinvigorate.   Reiki helps to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. It also increases feelings of peace and inner calm and helps to booster your immune system.

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Location: One-to-one sessions at studio or house visits

Single session @S$150 (Each session lasts 60 mins with 15mins before and after for discussion)
5-session package @ $675


  • Prices are valid till 31 Dec 2020
  • Packages are valid for a period of 6 months from purchase date
  • Appointments are subject to availability

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