New space, new beginnings : Appetiser
New space, new beginnings : Appetiser

New space, new beginnings : Appetiser


As part of our exhale@home new space soft launch, we are offering "Appetisers" for the week of 27th Nov. These classes include forrest yoga, yoga nidra, essential oils, butoh dance and private aroma dome sessions. 

28 Nov, Tue 7.30-8.45pm | Forrest Yoga
Multi-level Forrest Yoga class starting with intent, breathwork, asanas and ending off with reflection & meditation.

29 Nov, Wed 10.30-12pm | Forrest Yoga 90
Intermediate Forrest Yoga class working around a key theme focusing on inner body & breath awareness

29 Nov, Wed 7.30-8.45pm | Yoga with Essential Oils
Harnessing the power of therapeutic grade Young Living essential oils, awaken your olfactory system in combination with a yoga practice

29 Nov, Wed 9-10pm | Night owl : Yoga nidra
Yoga nidra is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping, like the "going-to-sleep" stage. It is a state in which the body is completely relaxed.

30 Nov, Thu 12-2pm (Four 30min slots) | 1-1: Aroma Dome (Essential Oils)
AromaDome® is a custom designed enclosure that offers you a chance to experience an intensive inhalation of therapeutic grade essential oils.

30 Nov, Thu 7.30-9pm | Intro to Butoh
Butoh is a Japanese dance with unique movements not dictated from the outside, but comes from the inner world of each individual. In Butoh, one lets the body be moved by memories, feelings, stories, and lets go of the daily mind and consciousness.

Location: 230A River Valley Road (2nd floor)
Nearest MRT : Fort Canning
Parking is available at the open air carpark along Mohd Sultan Road or at UE Square 

Suggested donation of $20 per class.  All proceeds will go to HealthServe.
HealthServe is a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing healing and hope to migrant workers. 

For further enquiries or feedback, email us at