Stress Relief Candy Bags


Let these candies lift your spirits and soothe your weary soul
Amethyst – Settles mental chatter
Rose Quartz – Soft soothing energy
Lepidolite – Nature’s antidepressant
Fluorite – Rejuvenates & balances
Celestite – Calming & uplifting

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About Candy Mountain Crystals

Candy Mountain was established in 2019 to allow anyone to easily tap on the healing power of crystals.

Our signature Crystal Candy Bags provide a convenient, easy way to use crystals for specific purposes. Each of the pre-selected bags contains a powerful combination of tumbled stones designed to help achieve a desired outcome, be it attracting love or wealth into your life, helping you stay focused or even reducing the electromagnetic smog around you.

We also offer a range of one-of-a-kind pieces that are carefully hand-selected, as if we were shopping for ourselves (we often can’t bear to part with them!).

Customers with specific intentions or special requests can speak to us about customising the perfect Crystal Candy Bag.


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