Space clearing set


What’s in the box?

  • Protection candy bag from Candy Mountain Crystals
  • Sage with abalone shell
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We are all familiar with the year end spring cleaning rituals of throwing out the old and physical cleaning of our space. However we also need to clear the energy of the space and ensure that our personal energy is cleansed and protected.

This exclusive space clearing set is anchored by the sage bundle with abalone shell. Before you start, make sure all the windows are open. Light the sage, starting from your front door, walk counter-clockwise, along the perimeter of your house. Walk 3 rounds, making sure you cover all corners of every room, allowing the ashes to fall into the abalone shell. As you walk, set the intention of inviting fresh energy into your space. If you are a reiki practitioner, use the symbols to cleanse your space!

The Protection candy bag from Candy Mountain Crystals are used to shield your aura.
Selenite – Energy Protection
Tourmaline – Powerful protector
Black Onyx – Emotional Strength
Smoky Quartz – Fends Off Danger
Red Jasper – Absorbs Negativity

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