Self-care Starter Pack



What’s in the box?

  • Self-Care Crystal Baggie from Candy Mountain Crystals
  • Lotus Origami from exhale
  • Capybara Crunch Granola Mini Pack from Capybara Snax
  • Self-Care Bingo Card
  • Stamped Pass-It-On postcard to spread maximum joy!!
  • Discount codes for private yoga and reiki sessions etc

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Do you know someone who could use a little mood lift? Show them you care with this delightful Self-Care Starter Pack from exhale and our partners!

At a time like this, self-care is incredibly important to our mental and emotional well-being. We’ve put together a little package of items designed to comfort and cheer, with some simple but meaningful activities on the Self-Care Bingo to get them started.

Your recipient will get a little pouch with three tumbled crystals that will soothe, protect and bring in those much-needed positive vibes, a lotus origami for some mindful activity, and a bag of deliciously addictive granola to munch on. When they’re done, there’s a stamped postcard for them to pass the cheer on to another person – or perhaps send you a thank you note!

Candy Mountain Crystals
Whenever you need a break, hold these candies in your hand, take a few deep breaths and let their healing energy fortify you.

Rose Quartz
Let the most important crystal for the heart and heart chakra soothe and encourage love of all, including ourselves. Hold it in your hand or place it over your heart chakra for 10 minutes before you sleep to enhance positive affirmations and bring in those loving vibes.

Clear Quartz
Known as the Master Healer, this crystal is said to strengthen the immune system and attune to your personal energy needs. Feng Shui practitioners recommend placing clear quartz on a window sill to draw in and amplify nature’s positive energy.

Red Jasper
A crystal with a fiercely protective energy, perfect to have right now. Red Jasper supports us through stress, eases worry and gives us the courage and confidence to face whatever lies ahead. Keep it near you throughout the day to stabilise your energy and emotions.

exhale Lotus Origami
As a lotus grows in the mud, its blooms emerging beautiful and unsoiled, so shall we come out on the other side of this with grace. Fold this flower as a reminder of this – it also makes a cute holder for your crystals!

Capybara Snax Granola
A great snack any time of the day made with organic oats and other premium ingredients lightly sweetened and oven-toasted in small batches till golden and crunchy. A great source of fibre, plant-based protein and happiness!

Pass It On Card
We’ve included a stamped postcard for you to pass on the cheer – write a note and send it to someone who would love to hear from you.


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