Mittens Pet Charm


This gorgeous ring of five Aquamarine beads is one of our favourites. The stone’s calming vibes helps to reduce stress and can aid with eye issues, quiet the mind and just brings in a lovely fresh, clean energy.

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Pet Collar Charms

Just as we love crystals because for their beautiful colours and therapeutic qualities, crystal healing can be a safe and gentle complementary therapy for our pets.

Animals are very sensitive and receptive to energy (think about how our pets know when we are upset) and crystals can be highly beneficial to them. They can be used to reduce stress and fear, build confidence, or just give them a little energy boost when they need it.

Be sure to cleanse and charge the crystals, and observe how your furry friend responds to the different crystals to determine what works best for them. These pet collar charms are suitable for cats and small dogs.

Who’s Our Meowdel?

Modelling our pet charms is Marmalade, a former street kitty. She was rescued several years ago when construction of a new building forced her out of the area she occupied along the Singapore River. Her hobbies are sunbathing, watching TV and demanding chin scratches.

$2 from every sale of these pet charms goes towards feeding and taking care of Marmalade’s friends who are still on the streets. We are actively looking for fosters (minimum three-month commitment) and adopters for over 20 adorable cats and kittens. Fostering is a great option if you are not 100% sure if you are ready to have a pet. Please contact us if you are interested!


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