Gift card – Private Sound healing & meditation


Do you know someone who is seeking a moment of peace amidst life’s hustle, or curious about meditation’s benefits?

Show them that you care by sponsoring a private sound healing and meditation session for them.

We provide a customised e-card with your message and can be emailed to them. If you prefer a more traditional physical card sent via snail mail, that can be done too, please tick “Physical card” under additional requirements. This will be prepared and sent 2-3 days after your purchase confirmation.

The details of how to book the session will be included in the e-card/physical card.

Pls note :

  1. The standard price is for an in-studio session. If you prefer to organise for a home-visit, please tick “transportation costs” under Additional requirements. Thank you!
  2. Recipients will have up to 60 days to redeem once you have made the purchase
The voucher code will be tagged to the email address
Pls fill this in if you would like us to snail mail the physical gift card
This message will be included in the gift card
Pls tick if you require any of these options
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Immerse in tranquility with our customised “Sound Healing and Meditation” sessions. Relax to soothing tones that melt away stress, fostering mental clarity and emotional equilibrium.

Ideal for busy professionals needing respite, individuals seeking inner peace, or anyone curious about holistic wellness. Perfect for those navigating life’s challenges or desiring a serene escape. Treat a friend or family member to this transformative experience, gifting them the opportunity to unwind, recharge, and discover newfound serenity.

Give the gift of wellness and relaxation, offering loved ones a moment of sanctuary amidst life’s hustle and bustle.




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