The Living Womb series: Womb Yoga for women

The Living Womb Series

“Welcome home to your yoni sakti.
Welcome back to blood wisdom
Welcome to womb yoga consciousness”
Uma Dinsmore Tuli

This is an invitation to ALL WOMEN – to come discover a womb-centred approach to yoga.

Womb Yoga, developed by Dr Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, is an embodied practice of listening and honouring the wisdom of your body, especially the cyclical rhythms of your womb life. It is a practice of sound, breath, flowing movement and stillness. It is a practice of being in natural connection with the elemental rhythms of your mind, body and spirit, which serves as fertile ground for true empowerment to take root and grow.

Womb Yoga is also a response to the traditional, often male-centred Hatha Yoga lineages that pay little attention to the cyclical changes to the womb and the physical form of the female body. It is a movement away from the structural rigidities we often encounter in these traditional practices and a welcoming home to ourselves, as mothers, daughters and sisters.

Womb Yoga is a wonderful practice suitable for you if you would like to:

  • release tension and find calm in both mind and body
  • better connect to the inner wisdom and feminine energy already within you
  • physically and emotionally support yourself through your womb cycle and other changes in the womb (e.g. pregnancy, hysterectomy, miscarriage)

We will introduce this practice in four parts, beginning with an introductory class, followed by three workshops where we will explore a chosen theme. You may choose to attend a single workshop session but are warmly encouraged to attend all three to fully experience the nourishing spectrum that Womb Yoga offers us.

An introduction to Womb Yoga (60min class)
In this introductory class you will reconnect your awareness to your womb or womb-space as a flowering bud of inner wisdom. We will begin with a nourishing heart-womb-breath meditation, followed by a series of gentle, flowing postures that will connect us more deeply to this inner wisdom. This class will serve as a microcosm of the workshops that follow.

The Living Womb - 3 week workshop series

This series goes deeper into the nourishing practice of Womb Yoga and how it can support your well-being as we cycle through the stages of womanhood. We will open each workshop with a sharing circle, where we will bless one another with womb greetings and share the intention for the evening. This will be followed by a nourishing Womb Yoga practice comprising breath work, meditation and movement. We will then allow for some time for self-inquiry, through journaling our experiences and feelings that have arisen from the practice. Every workshop will end off with a nourishing Yoga Nidra practice, a restful, guided meditation that will help us connect us more deeply with our feminine energy.

Workshop 1
Sowing the Seeds:
Understanding our wombs/womb spaces
In the beginning, we were seeds embedded in the fertile ground of our mothers’ womb, where we received her life-giving nourishment. In her womb within we grew ours; a wellspring of vitality, freedom and creativity. This first session we reacquaint ourselves with our wombs/womb spaces, what it represents to us both physically and emotionally throughout our womb cycles. We will also delve a little deeper into understanding the immense strength and wisdom of our source power that is Yoni Sakti.

Workshop 2
Heart-womb river:
Harnessing blood wisdom for strength and nourishment
We will build upon this renewed love and respect for our wombs/womb spaces, and channel our energies to strengthen the heart-womb connection. From this space we will explore the breath and movement-based practices to support ourselves during our womb cycles – menstruation, pre-ovulation, ovulation & post-ovulation/pre-menstrual.

Workshop 3
Blossoming in our power:
Womb yoga as a tool for grounding, transformation and freedom
Having now established a deeper, more embodied understanding of our womb and womb cycles, we will look at integrating the wisdom and practices learnt in the first two workshops into a sequenced flow. We will also learn some key principles and modifications to support and nourish ourselves as we move along the womb-life stages of womanhood – from pregnancy, to post-pregnancy, peri-menopause to menopause.

Introduction to Womb Yoga
17 Oct '18 7.30-8.30pm

The Living Womb - 3 week workshop : Weds 7.30-9pm (90mins)
24, 31 Oct, 7 Nov '18 (3 weeks)

Location: 230A River Valley Road (2nd floor)
Nearest MRT : Fort Canning
Parking is available at the open air carpark along Mohd Sultan Road or at UE Square


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About the facilitator:
As a certified Hatha (200H), Yin (200H), Forrest Inspired, Pregnancy and Kids & Family yoga teacher, Dewi Chen draws her inspiration and knowledge from the various teachers she has trained under, such as Ana Forrest, Jo Phee, Joe Barnett and Uma Dinsmore-Tuli. At the heart of her teaching is the belief that the physical, emotional and mental benefits of yoga can heal and empower us to lead happy, fearless lives. 

Whilst pursuing her pregnancy yoga teaching certification with Dr Uma Dinsmore-Tuli in London, she was introduced to the practices of Womb Yoga and Yoga Nidra, where she found nourishment, love, peace and empowerment. She credits these practices in supporting her pregnancy journey into motherhood, and has found them to be complementary to the other styles of yoga that she teaches.

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