"A compassionate, knowledgeable teacher, Ming created an advanced class specific for my physical issue – my lower back sensitivity. Her care for me as a student really shined through her teaching. Being a yoga teacher myself I could just relax in Ming’s mindful sequencing and trust her amazing hands on assists.

Her calm, stable presence and ability to guide me to ‘ease’ in the postures that before I would associate with ‘struggle’ helped me to let go of the tension both physical and mental. My lower back issue was resolved by the end of the class!

Make sure to ask for savasana assists if you practice with Ming, they are simply delicious! :)  Happy to have that opportunity to work with Ming!"
~ Elena

"Ming has a great sense of touch that I love when I practice yoga. I feel safe and trust when she adjusted me in yoga class. Her sense of humour makes her class fun and interesting. Although sometime it is challenging, I always enjoy her teaching. She is devoted to teaching and her students. There is always something to look forward to attend Ming’s class. "
~ Tida

"Ming was able to see through me, knowing what I need within only 5 breaths. Her assists are divine and with only a few hands on adjustments she showed me a totally new experience in poses I have already done several times."
~ Anja

"Absolutely love Ming’s classes! She has a relaxed and friendly teaching style but her instructions are really clear and her assists are amazing, she just seems to know instinctively how to adjust me so I can breathe more fully in every pose. Ming is very approachable and her classes are fun!"
~ Ngila

"I enjoyed your class very much. My abs are still aching but it feels good. Most of us don’t have time to exercise especially when we work long hours, Thanks for helping us get healthy and fit!"
~ First time student

"It was a great experience with Ming Li's class!" 
~ Adeline

"Spacious zen feeling. Feels like a private class with clear instructions n adjustments. Ming Li is friendly n managed to bring out the playfulness element. Will be back"
~ Elvylinn

"You ladies were amazing. Patient, cheerful and very approachable. I'll forever remember 'active feet!' and telescoping the spine now. Thank you!"
~ Sumayyah

"I have attended a number of exhale workshops and classes. They are thoughtfully organised and the trainers are very experienced and inspiring. Ming, my Forrest yoga teacher, is super friendly and skillful in bringing out the best in all her students."
~ Audrei Kong

"Beautiful class last night, thank you. My husband and I were calm, peaceful and serene leaving, and then, we both seemed to get a burst of energy for the rest of the night! Very cool XOX "
~ Nadja Pizzo Vartany