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Tap into your power: Forrest Yoga, Meditation & Sound healing | 19th Aug, Sat 10am

Forrest Yoga Meditation Sound healing

Get ready for the new moon this August! Empower yourself in an integrative Forrest Yoga, meditation and sound healing workshop with us.

Ground yourself in the safe space that we hold for you, set your intention to peel away layers of doubts and beliefs that have buried your authentic self and release all that does not serve you anymore. Through a thoughtfully sequenced Forrest Yoga practice, seek to regain the power that you have inside of you. Energise and nurture each sparkling cell in your body through kundalini yoga meditation and indulge in the magical vibrations of crystal singing bowls during savasana.

Forrest Yoga
Forrest Yoga, created by Ana T. Forrest is renowned as an internally focused hatha-based practice that helps to cultivate an acute awareness of one's own practice and life process, resulting in an exhilarating journey into self-discovery, cleansing and healing. It embodies an intelligent system that allows for you to experience a physiologically sensible practice, to safely and effectively heal from an injury and to release tension and bring aliveness and new energy to every part of the body.

Kundalini yoga meditation
Yogi Bhajan said, “The mind becomes a monster when it becomes your master. The mind is an angel when it is your servant. And it is all in your mind.” Meditation is an art of letting go amidst your constant stream of thoughts. It is akin to taking a shower to cleanse your mind so that you can think straight and take actions on a daily basis and is an essential process for everybody in this fast-paced and stressful world. 

In kundalini yoga meditation, we use various methods such as eye focus, hand positions, mantras and chanting, so we can allow thoughts to pass by without dumping them into our subconscious mind. Meditation helps to reduce stress to have clear mind, thus allowing you to be more open and kind to yourself as well as others thereby finding peace & silence within.

Crystal Sound healing
The human body is made up of 65-67% water and so we are primed to receive the sound and vibrations that crystal bowls make in our bodies as our bones have a crystalline structure that creates an entrainment between sound and body. As a result, with pure intention, true transformation and shifts in consciousness can happen in the right environment.

Crystal Sound bowls

Schedule19th August 2017, Saturday 10-12pm (2 hours)

Location : Hong Kong Street, Clarke Quay (exact address & details will be emailed to confirmed participants one week before the workshop)

Investment : $65 per participant. Early bird 10% off ($58) for confirmation before 5th Aug 2017 (min. 6 to start class)

For further enquiries, email us at

About the facilitator:
  Ming Li is the rare certified Forrest Yoga teacher in Singapore and is drawn to the healing practice developed by Ana Forrest which incorporates yoga asanas, breath work, mindfulness and intuitive energy at a physical and emotional level.

With a deep interest in somatic & emotional release work, Ming Li is currently training as a Reiki teacher, and also provides myofascial & craniosacral therapy work through private remedial bodywork sessions

In her classes, she prefers to assume the role of a facilitator, sharing from a place of authenticity and providing a safe space to guide students through their practice. At the same time, she also challenges them to explore their edge while being at peace with the unknown. This tough love comes from a desire to empower students eventually to take charge of their healing, and have fun falling and picking themselves up.

  Rie is a gentle soul from Japan. She started searching her truth when she found herself in total darkness in her life. She started dance, meditation and was gradually introduced to Usui Reiki, Kundalini Yoga and Crystal Singing bowls. These healing modalities form her daily toolbox and have supported her in spiritual development, improved physical health, heightened awareness and energy levels and also gave her the courage to be true to herself.

Her mission is to guide souls who have started searching their truth and to equip them with practical and effective tools accessible to everyone, so that they are able to find guidance within themselves. Rie provides a safe and supportive environment in her classes and healing sessions so that students and clients are open to have a full and empowering experience.

She offers Kundalini Yoga class, Usui Reiki workshop and Reiki + Crystal Singing Bowl healing sessions.