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Stalk your fear

"When we follow the dictates of fear we frequently get slimed again in shame. Stalking your fear is such a brave-hearted task. It is an act of courage, which transmutes the shame by giving you the chance to take actions that make you proud of yourself, building your self-esteem. You step onto the warrior path, the hunter path, instead of the victim path, of being prey. That is something to be proud of"

- Ana T. Forrest, creatrix of Forrest Yoga
Internationally recognized pioneer in yoga and emotional healing

Are you ready to make the decision to stalk your fear and become the predator rather than the prey ? Embody this journey through a 3-part workshop series focussing on getting you into inversions like forearm balance or handstands!

In these workshops, learn how to go upside down safely using Forrest yoga techniques. As we progress through the series, we will also imbibe conditioning drills to work your way into inversions. Part of the practice also involves journaling and tracking the fear as it courses through your veins, and assigned homework for consistency and buildup of proper foundation.

Getting into inversions has many healing benefits for the body, which includes release of endorphins that wash your energy, as well as building both self-esteem and physical strength in your overall body. 

Workshop 1:
In the first session, explore the basics of entering and leaving basic poses safely at the wall. The intent is to get comfortable with fear. We will focus on poses like downard dog, upleveling to downward dog on the wall, and dolphin upleveling to dolphin on the wall

Workshop 2:
In the Second session, we will shift our focus to strengthening the muscles that hold us up. After getting comfortable with fear, this workshop's intent is to climb the mountain of fear, because everything we want is sometimes on the other side of fear. Some of the key poses we will work with include holding downward dog on the wall, building into pigeon on the wall and chest to wall

Workshop 3:
In the final session, our focus will shift towards the techniques to kick up into forearm balance and handstand. The intent for the week is to stay focussed on the journey, as overwhelming obstacles often appear midway through the journey, our intent is to keep going! For the brave warriors, we will also learn how to overcome the greatest roadblock in your inversion journey, the fear of falling and stalking the fear of failing. It takes extreme courage to accept failure and to learn from it, pick yourself up and move forward. Are you ready ?

Workshop 1: 6th Oct, Sat. 10.30am -12pm
Workshop 2: 3rd Nov, Sat 10.30am - 12pm
Workshop 3: 1st Dec, Sat 10.30am - 12pm

Location: 230A River Valley Road (2nd floor)
Nearest MRT : Fort Canning - Downtown line (3-4mins walk)
Parking is available at the open air carpark along Mohd Sultan Road or at UE Square

$175 for the full 3 workshop series (over 3 months) Book here
$65 for single drop-in session. Book here 

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Ming Li is a certified Forrest Yoga teacher in Singapore and is drawn to the healing practice developed by Ana Forrest, incorporating yoga asanas, breath work, mindfulness and intuitive energy at a physical and emotional level.

In her classes, Ming Li prefers to assume the role of a facilitator, sharing from a place of authenticity and providing a safe space to guide students through their practice. At the same time, she also challenges them to explore their edge while being at peace with the unknown. This tough love comes from a desire to empower students eventually to take charge of their healing, and have fun falling and picking themselves up.

Ming Li continues to study under the mentorship of Forrest Yoga guardians and is continually inspired by the energy of the global Forrest Yoga tribe.  


YJ (Yuan Jing) started his yoga journey as a complement to his gym routine to balance out strength and flexibility. As he ventured deeper into the world of Yoga, he found that there is more to Yoga than just a stretching workout. After trying out various forms of yoga practice, he eventually found a connection with Forrest Yoga, a style of Yoga that heals the body and celebrates life.

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