Shadow work series : Exploration . journalling . somatic work

Shadow work series

Overcoming Shadow obstacles with the strength and integration of archetypes

Shadows are the aspects of ourselves that we judge as being “ugly” or detrimental to our ability to function. A term used by Carl Jung to describe the parts of our psyche that we repress or deny. Through examination of our shadows we can begin to accept and integrate those parts of ourselves that can help us to gain strength and power so that we develop a stronger sense of self and a greater ability to function from our whole self.

In this series we will use the four archetypes to look at how we repress behaviours and feelings and find a safe way to express and integrate those parts of ourselves that we have placed in our shadow. By bringing our shadow material into the light and owning those parts of ourselves we see as unattractive, we are able to live more fully into our power and strength.

This workshop incorporates exploratory enquiry, journaling and somatic work. During the workshop, we will focus on looking at the four foundational archetypes that we can be used to help identify aspects of our personality that we have put away which may be holding us back from living a fuller more balanced life.

Those archetypes are:
The sovereign archetype is the archetype associated with self-esteem, listening and speaking. The moral choices that we make are governed by the Sovereign archetype. The shadow aspects of this archetype can often be expressed by feeling as though something is too hard, we can’t do it, even shyness can be attributed to the darken shadow of this archetype. The golden shadow of this archetype comes in the form of “I can do anything, “I am the best.”

The Lover archetype is closely associate with connections, to others to yourself, to others; its energy is about being in relationships. The lover energy is about feeling, emotionally and physically. This archetype houses our sensuality, our sexuality and our inner child. Shadows of the lover energy are that I can’t understand it, it is associated with being overly stoic or rigid in your emotional aspects. The golden shadow of lover energy is, “it’s overwhelming me.”

The Magician archetype is the seer, the detached ability to watcher and make changes when needed. It has the ability to change perspectives and look at things differently. Magician energy is being able to find focus. When magician energy is in dark shadow, “I don’t know” is often the overall message. When too much magician energy is present, too many options are seen and confusion is apparent, this creates difficulty with decision-making.

The Warrior archetype is about service, boundaries and power. Boundary energy is about defining ourselves, creating a “me” “not me” view of situations. This energy can lead to completion and thus the ability to more fully define yourself. Warrior energy is about action. It is in service to other archetypes and takes action on behalf of them. The different shadow aspects of warrior energy are “I don’t want or can’t handle conflict” to “searching our conflict and competition.

Introduction to Shadow work (choose either option)
1) 12th Oct, Fri 7.30-9pm
2) 26th Oct, Fri 7.30-9pm

Full workshop 
17th Nov, Sat 10am - 5pm (includes 1 hr for lunch)

Attendance at the intro session is not a pre-requisite for the full workshop

Location: 230A River Valley Road (2nd floor)
Nearest MRT : Fort Canning
Parking is available at the open air carpark along Mohd Sultan Road or at UE Square

Introduction to Shadow work : $32 per session Book here
Full workshop : $285 Book here

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About the facilitator: Kim Fisel

Kim's passion is to elevate the world through authentic and conscious connection. She believes that connections with self and others allows for deeper, more meaningful interactions that naturally elevate people and help them to live into the life they create.

With a background in psychotherapy and yoga, Kim found a natural fit for her talents with lululemon where she currently works as a Key leader. Based at lululemon Duxton, Kim uses her energy to provide coaching, develop staff and facilitate workshops that include identifying core values, vision and goal setting, self-appreciation and meditation.