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Whether you are a yoga teacher with basic training in kids yoga, a school teacher or therapist with extensive experience working with children, or a concerned parent who wants the best for their kids, there’s just so much to discover about effective and transformational ways to help children become CONFIDENT and EMPOWERED! 
Yoga is among the most effective approaches available for not only helping children develop physically… but also to achieve the sense of calm awareness and stability they need to navigate the challenges of childhood, adolescence, and on through adulthood.
In collaboration with Global Family Yoga, we are offering two modules on therapeutic yoga for kids. 

 "The content was so "spot on" for me, where I'm at in my journey to define myself as a yoga teacher & school psychologist. I just loved the energy I felt there...from the other students (who were bright, curious and grounded) and of course from set the stage for great things to evolve"

50-hr Therapeutic Yoga for Children certification 

(For yoga teachers, educators, psychologists, therapists, pediatric therapy practitioners, and social workers)

Here’s small taste of what to expect when you work towards the 50hr Therapeutic Yoga for Children certification. You will
  • Learn the theory and practice of specific yoga techniques such as regulated breathing, guided relaxation, and yoga poses to help children easily understand and benefit from yoga practice.
  • Discover life-affirming approaches that help children see themselves as much more than the diseases and conditions with which they’ve been diagnosed
  • Learn about yoga for distinct conditions such as anxiety, learning challenges, depression, ADHD, Autism Spectrum, trauma, Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy
  • Understand how to positively impact environmental and lifestyle factors that can influence the behavior of children.
  • Identify and adopt optimal healing environments for children… both externally and internally.
  • Receive specific assessment tools to help each child get the most out of yoga practice.
  • Utilise a wide range of yoga techniques to provide individualized healing for each child.
  • Practice how to effectively use small group and one-on-one sessions to maximize each child’s potential through yoga.
Listen to a short presentation by Mira on the workshops

To find out more about what therapeutic yoga really is and how it can help children with various conditions, sign up for a 5-part video workshop series on Therapeutic Yoga for Children with Specific Conditions that is offered for free

Through the 50hr certification, you’ll have the exact training you need to inspire children through yoga… helping them:
  • Regulate their emotions and energy… which allows them to participate in classroom and social activities with minimal disruption
  • Gain authentic confidence to avoid negative peer pressure, bullying, and other social challenges.
  • Develop a deep-rooted sense of calmness… which helps them make effective decisions in high-pressure situations.
  • Improve physical strength and posture… which positively impacts confidence and all other aspects of a child’s life.
  • Develop the self-awareness to understand and pursue their own aspirations and goals.
  • Benefit from individualized wellness plans you’ll learn how to create.
  • And much more!

"I found this course one of the most profound experiences so far in my journey toward becoming a children's yoga teacher.  For me, connecting yoga to the many ways in which through yoga, we can address needs of children and their parents, especially in these times of over-stressed kids, brought it all together for me ...  As a teacher, I see so many needs in children, and I also have students with special needs. This class has given me tools to help a wide range of students. I came away with such inspiration to continue my training and to bring yoga to the children and families in my life... I would highly recommend this training!!"

Who will benefit from this workshop?
This training is particularly targeted to pediatric therapy practitioners, educators and yoga teachers. Parents and other caregivers who meet the application criteria will also benefit from this learning experience.

It is an advanced training course and previous experience is required. You must have a minimum of one-year of personal yoga practice OR one-year of experience working with children in a professional or home setting. Additionally it is recommended that you have formal training in basic yoga or yoga for children. Each application is assessed on an individual basis. Those who are registered yoga teachers with Yoga Alliance® will earn 50 contact hours of continuing education. The sooner you apply, the sooner you can start your journey toward providing powerful, life-affirming yoga instruction to children.

FILL IN YOUR APPLICATION HERE, and we will review it on an individual basis for acceptance.

Date: 29th Nov – 4th Dec 2015 (6 days)
Time: 9-6 pm daily
Location: 8 Claymore Hill Road #01-03, Singapore 229572
Investment: [Click here to book]
S$1,575 per person
(Thanksgiving 10% discount : S$1,418 – registration before 26 Nov 2015)

Reading list:
In preparation for the upcoming workshop, all participants should complete reading the following books to extract the maximum benefit during the program.
Yoga and Ayurveda by David Frawley
Yoga For Wellness by Gary Kraftsow


Introduction to Therapeutic Yoga for Children 

(For parents & caregivers)

Kids today are facing challenges in all areas of life – from learning and friendships, to moods, to digestion and sleep. This 6-hour workshop will introduce you to the effective and engaging therapeutic applications of yoga for children. In this workshop you will learn:
  • The paradigm shift that is occurring in pediatric mental/emotional and behavioral health.
  • Why stability and calm in body and mind is so important, along with specific techniques to create it for the children in your life.
  • The basic practices of the therapeutic applications of yoga for children.

Date: 28th Nov 2015, Saturday
Time: 1-7 pm
Location: 8 Claymore Hill Road #01-03, Singapore 229572
Investment: [Click here to book]
S$160 per person
(early bird 10% discount : S$145 – registration before 16 Oct 2015)

About the workshop leader: 

Mira BinzenMira Binzen is the Director of Training at Global Family Yoga™. She is a registered Yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance at the 500-hour level (E-RYT, RCYT), a certified iRest Yoga Nidra teacher and a professional Integrative Yoga Therapist (1,000-hour level certificate). She holds a degree in Child Psychology from The University of Minnesota’s Institute of Child Development, with specialized study in Communication Disorders. She has been training people to teach yoga to children since 2002. 
In 1999, Mira  became one of the first ten "Certified YogaKids Faciliators” (CYKF) in October of '99. She went on to mentor and train hundreds of CYKFs for the next four years while working with founder Marsha Wenig to expand the training curriculum. Before moving to Chicago in 2005, Mira was a Yoga therapist with the Integrative Medicine Program at Minneapolis Children’s Hospital - the first and largest integrative children's clinic in North America. 
She continues to pursue the path through a dedicated personal practice and continuing study with Yoga luminaries Richard Miller, PhD, Yogarupa Rod Stryker and the spiritual leaders of the Sivananda centers and ashrams worldwide. Her blend of playfulness and professionalism provides an engaging, safe and joyful experience for all. Her education, experience, and deep commitment to improving the lives of children and families are combined to create a training program of the highest quality.
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