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Forrest Yoga Immersion : transformation - exhale Singapore

Join Forrest Yoga Guardian Sinhee McCabe ERYT-500, as she takes you along a transformational journey to delve deep into the basics in order to build a stronger foundation for the next phase in your practice. Using the principles from Forrest Yoga, each day layers on, as you learn to rejuvenate and revitalise the energy in each pose. This is an amazing opportunity if you are serious about working through any injuries, chronic pains or habitual tensions for yourself or your students.

Morning (2 hrs) – Forrest Yoga Intensive
Afternoon (4 hrs) – Experiential workshop on personal exploration, functional alignment, sequencing and hands on assists

Listen to what Sinhee has to say about the upcoming immersion!

Singapore workshop will rock!

Posted by Sinhee Ye on Tuesday, 2 February 2016

What will you take away from this workshop?
Experience and learn more about

  • structural & functional alignment in shoulders, hips and legs, in order to work through injuries & chronic pain
  • knowing which muscles to engage, to achieve balance and attain optimum benefit with ease and struggle-free
  • releasing habitual gripping & emotional tension through breath & body awareness, to elevate and transform your practice to the next level
  • building a repertoire of hands-on assisting skills as a teacher/ instructor to work with your own students in private classes to support them in their journey
  • guiding others towards advanced practices in a safe environment

Who will benefit from this workshop?
This workshop is for you if you

  • are relatively flexible and may/may not be getting injuries but would like to build better stability and foundation to rejuvenate & advance your practice to the next level
  • want to immerse into the healing practice of Forrest Yoga through the principles of structural & functional alignment, balanced with deep physical & emotional connection to your own body
  • are a yoga teacher and while your own practice may be advanced, you want to bring that value & knowledge to your private and group classes in a structured way, guiding and elevating your students' practice safely. If you are not yet teaching, the principles, sequences and hands-on assist in this workshop can help you kickstart your private classes! 

Participants who register for the full workshop will receive a certificate, while registered yoga teachers with Yoga Alliance® will earn 24 continuing education credits.

24th March '16: Deepening breath & Grounding through core
Understand the importance of functional alignment. Learn how to open your breath and be guided to feel your body in a pose. Practice the basics of standing and sitting with a neutral spine, and grounding in your core centre in order for optimal weight distribution. Develop a strong core through your ribs and diaphragm to deepen your breath and prepare yourself for the next phase in your practice

25th March '16: Building stability through hips and legs
Discover how to work the hips and legs as a foundation for spinal stability, practice strengthening them to bring aliveness and vitality. Get deep into muscles involved in hip opening to optimize them for maximum benefit. Listen and trust your inner self to know when to go deeper.

26th March '16: Opening up the power in shoulders for inversions
Understand the alignment of neck, shoulder girdles and ribs in order to open up shoulders and relax your neck. Harness the power of the upper body connection with chest, arms and wrists, together with a strong core to provide the stability for handstands and forearm balances

27th March '16: Healing with therapeutic backbends
Experience the Forrest Yoga way of therapeutic backbends to get out of pain and the discomforts of lower back. Understand how to strengthen the back, lengthen the spine and reduce lower back compression.

Time: 9am to 5pm
Location: 326C King George's Avenue, King George’s Building, S 208567 (nearest MRT: Lavender)

About the workshop leader:

SinheeSinhee has been actively working as a Forrest Yoga Guardian since 2007. Her teaching and mission have been evolving through changes in life. Living daily life gets all of us in repeating patterns and numbs us in unhealthy ways.

Sinhee’s inspiration is teaching Forrest Yoga and reminding students to have intent and wear that intent everyday with courage to walk the healing journey.

Sinhee has been expanding her teaching in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia and the USA. As a Guardian, she feels excited to witness the growth of Forrest Yoga throughout the world. Sinhee has insightful knowledge of both anatomy and bodywork. She offers vast knowledge in working with injuries from repetitive motions from yoga, sports, and daily life.