Forrest Yoga & Myo-fascial Bodywork Intensive :: Brian Campbell, BodyworkYoga

This 4-day intensive workshop in Forrest Yoga & Hands-on Bodywork by Brian Campbell in Singapore will teach you how to perform basic Myo-Fascial Release Bodywork techniques grounded in an understanding of the human anatomy. 
Each day begins with a Forrest Yoga Class intelligently sequenced and guided to activate and open the key muscles involved in the pain and dysfunction of the designated anatomy. This is followed by Hands-on Myo-fascial Bodywork training, which includes Anatomy lecture, demonstration of techniques, and guided Hands-on bodywork with partners, ending off the day with a review of the day’s lessons. 
Morning (2 hrs) – Forrest Yoga Intensive 
Afternoon (4 hrs) – Understanding Anatomy, Hands-on Myo-fascial bodywork and partner work.

24th Sept '15: Releasing Neck Tension
Main themes include mental body entrapment, being ‘in your head vs in your body’, and using neck release variations for scalenes, suboccipitals through techniques like cross-fibre and micro-kneading

25th Sept '15: Opening the Chest & Shoulders
Looking at emotional holding patterns and kyphosis (round shoulders) investigating areas like pectoralis major and minor as well as rhomboids.

26th Sept '15: Unwrapping the superficial restrictions of the lower back
Spine health and the causes of lower back pain are explored, going into areas like sacroiliac, lower and mid-back erectors with pivoting vectors and tendon release

27th Sept '15: Exploring the hips & psoas
Tight hip flexors and psoas are one of the most common tension zones, understand how to use shucking and macro & micro cross-fibre techniques effectively

Who will benefit from this workshop?
This is a great workshop for Yoga Teachers, Yoga practitioners with chronic pain, and Yoga Students interested in hands-on healing therapies. Learning Myo-Fascial Release Bodywork techniques will increase your confidence in hands-on assisting in group classes while enriching private one-on-one yoga sessions for your students.

Date & time:
24, 25th Sept – 10am to 5pm
26, 27th Sept – 11am to 6pm

Location: 8 Claymore Hill Road #01-03, Singapore 229572

About the workshop leader:

Brian Campbell is known as the “Yoga Teacher with Healing Hands.” His passion is to teach people how to use Bodywork and Yoga to relieve pain. Brian has taught Forrest Yoga & Bodywork for the past 12 years throughout the United States, Canada, Asia, & Europe. He is a “Guardian Teacher”, the highest level of distinction in the Forrest Yoga System. He is the designated Mentor Teacher for all of Southern California and parts of the southwest United States. Brian continues to maintain a nourishing and collaborative relationship with his first Yoga Teacher, Ana Forrest.

Brian is also a Certified Massage Therapist with 15 years experience specializing in treating pain. He was a Lead Instructor at the Shiatsu Massage School of California in Santa Monica from 2006-2014, teaching Anatomy & Physiology, Pain & Orthopedic Evaluation, Deep-Tissue Massage, and Advanced Myo-Fascial Anatomy & Treatment Courses. Brian trained under the tutelage of Bodywork Master Dr. Vincent Medici from 2001-2009 and considers these years of Hands-on Training the foundation in his approach to resolving pain.

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