Forrest Yoga & Tibetan Sound healing

Forrest Yoga & tibetan sound healing

For the first time in Singapore, savor a flavour of the Forrest Yoga evolution - weaving sound healing through Tibetan singing bowls together with Forrest Yoga practice.

On this March full moon, join Akiko Igarashi, Tibetan Singing Bowl Master & distinguished teacher of healing together with Ming Li Tan, a rare Forrest Yoga teacher in Singapore & Reiki Master as they blend their sacred intentions in one ceremony.

Start the morning on a right note, focus on your breath through saging and ground yourself in the sacred space. As you journey through the practice, be brave enough to quest for your highest self. This ends with meditation & savasana amidst the touch of healers' hands and soothing vibrations of tibetan singing bowls.

This is a donation-based session and all proceeds go towards - Little Elephant project in Thailand & the Penguin Village in Singapore. We hope that you can donate generously for these causes.

Little Elephant Project, Koh Yao, Thailand
This project provides education support such as language & skill improvement projects and initiates activities to bring holistic health for children, youth and women on the island. The project aims to provide the community on the island with a better living space with simple yet effective projects like providing recycle rubbish bins with signs drawn by local children in order to keep the island clean. This will allow the island to be free from pollution, have a clean and healthy environment thereby attracting tourists who provide an additional source of income for the locals.

Penguin Village, Singapore
The aim of this project is to support kids with special needs and also those in palliative care. A key initiative is to kickstart yoga for kids with special needs like down syndrome, or on the autism spectrum to teach them basic breathing techniques, support their psycho-motor skills for increased flexibility and muscle tone. Another intent is to provide therapy services for children with rare diseases. Many of these home-bound kids have life threatening rare diseases and miss out on access to wellness programs that kids their age usually enjoy. With the massage & energy therapy sessions, this can help provide a better quality of life for the little warriors.

Full moon 31 March, Sat. 10.30am-12.30pm

Location: 230A River Valley Road (2nd floor)
Nearest MRT : Fort Canning
Parking is available at the open air carpark along Mohd Sultan Road or at UE Square

Ming Li Tan is a certified Level 2 Forrest Yoga teacher in Singapore and is drawn to the healing practice developed by Ana Forrest, incorporating yoga asanas, breath work, mindfulness and intuitive energy at a physical and emotional level.

In her classes, Ming Li prefers to assume the role of a facilitator, sharing from a place of authenticity and providing a safe space to guide students through their practice. At the same time, she also challenges them to explore their edge while being at peace with the unknown. This tough love comes from a desire to empower students eventually to take charge of their healing, and have fun falling and picking themselves up.

Ming Li continues to study under the mentorship of Forrest Yoga guardians and is continually inspired by the energy of the global Forrest Yoga tribe. She loves teaching yoga to kids with special needs, is a Reiki Master and does private integrative bodywork sessions.

Akiko Igarashi is a distinguished teacher of healing. She is a Reiki Instructor, a Qigong practitioner, a Yoga teacher, and a Tibetan Singing Bowl Master. Above all else, Akiko is a dedicated student of life.

The practice of inner stillness and focus began at a young age with Akiko. Born in Hokkaido, Japan, she was raised in the Eastern tradition of mindful living and the knowing of the interconnectedness of all beings in our existence. Akiko has walked the pilgrimage route of Camino de Santiago Compostela three times, volunteered in orphanages, and studied healing with teachers in far-off places of Nepal, India and Japan.

Through her own journeys, Akiko embodies the understanding that to heal others we must heal ourselves. This healing of the self comes from a willingness to see, feel and listen to the messages within. And from that point of bliss, greater joy is experienced by giving, and receiving in return. This is the gift Akiko wishes to share with the world through the Shima Healing Institute and its associated projects.