exhale foundation | social outreach programs

In gratitude to the gifts we have received from the universe, having a roof over our heads, food on the table and being able to spread our love of bodywork, we actively seek out non-profit organisations, social enterprises, disabled or underprivileged communities that can benefit from our services. In particular, our focus is on the special needs community, kids through teens with ASD & Down Syndrome.

To support the social outreach programs, 10% of our proceeds go to the exhale foundation fund. Additional funding also comes from doing donation-based classes or community events.

The key objective is to develop and grow outreach healing programs for beneficiaries who can benefit most, in a sustainable and impactful way. The funds are used for subsidized payment for yoga teachers or healing practitioners to conduct the programs with beneficiaries as well as purchase of yoga mats/ straps for classes.

"Our vision is that someday, an individual with special needs
stands proudly in front of a class to teach yoga,
coming full circle, paying it forward and becoming an inspiration to all"

Outreach Programs

Home-based learning & therapy services

In collaboration with Kidspace Learning Place & Rare Disorders Society (Singapore), we hope to bring home-based learning & therapy services for children with rare diseases! Many of these home-bound kids have life threatening rare diseases and miss out on access to learning and wellness programs that kids their age usually enjoy.

We are raising funds to send specialists to 10 families for this pilot program. If all goes well, we will expand the program to help more kids and families! Do donate generously and help to forward the message to your friends. We hope to raise enough funds and kickstart the program by July/Aug '16. Thank you!

More information here : http://exhale.com.sg/pages/project-access


On 2 April, Singapore will join the rest of the world to "Light It Up Blue". Why blue? The answer is that Autism Spectrum Disorders are almost 5 times more common among boys (1 in 54) than among girls (1 in 252). So, the color blue represents the boys diagnosed with autism.

We dedicated a Forrest Yoga class to bring awareness to Autism. This was a practice focussing on how you can learn to ground yourself and down-regulate, finally ending off with a Yoga Nidra segment.


Collaboration with Playground of Joy to deliver 21-weeks Integrated Program for special needs kids and teens, combining yoga, art & music therapy. Students learnt basic yoga poses with breathing techniques, gradually combining them into sun salutation and eventually supporting each other in partner poses! 

Parents were delighted on the improved focus & concentration, better psycho-motor skills and overall eagerness to come to class every week!


We are constantly on the look out for any non-profit, social enterprises, associations or family groups that focus on the special needs communities, who can benefit from our programs & services. If you are interested or know of any one who may be keen, do email us at connect@exhale.com.sg