10 Days for Community

10 days for community

This month we celebrate COMMUNITY at exhale.

As part of our ethos to pay it forward, we have gathered a group of beautiful souls to facilitate different yoga, meditation & reiki sessions. We hope that with minimal a drop-in rate of $10, this will allow pple who don't normally have access to such classes to join us. We also hope that the benefits we have received from practices are paid forward to the under-served communities.

If you know anyone who would benefit from these sessions and wish to gift them a class, you can sign up for them and drop us an email at connect@exhale.com.sg so we know who to expect and welcome to our healing space.

Here's the program ! 
(All sessions are beginner friendly. Additionally yoga mats, blocks and straps are also provided)

12 July Friday 7.30pm-9.30pm
Reiki Circle by Ming LI Tan
Learn about what reiki is, the benefits for self-healing. Get together in groups and allow yourself the experience of giving & receiving reiki.

Ming Li trained as a Reiki master at The Reiki Centre and is also the rare certified Forrest Yoga teacher in Singapore. With a deep interest in somatic & emotional release work that supports her clients and students, she also provides myofascial & craniosacral therapy work through private integrative bodywork sessions

17 July, Wed 7.30-8.30pm
Flow with it by Felicia Sun
Taking you from your day to your mat with a dynamic vinyasa practice that connects movement with breath. Transition between poses seamlessly with a combination of physical alignment and breathing techniques.

Felicia’s yoga practice spanned between multiple yoga styles and discipline in the last 7 years. Graduated from lululemon’s mindfulon yoga leadership teacher training, she’s passionate about sharing the transformative benefits of yoga on and off the mat

19 July, Friday 7.30-8.45pm
Friday night meditation by Svetlana Frolova
Let your physical and emotional stress melt away as you gradually calm your body and mind through this practice. Putting aside activities of the daily life and creating space for peace and stillness, this meditation will help you to prepare for a relaxing and restful weekend.

Svetlana Frolova discovered Active Meditation in 2014 and believe that this practice is one of the most meaningful things she has done in her life. It has created space for her to find her centre, connect with people and finally know what peace feels like.

20 July Sat 10-11am
Gentle Stretch by Jennifer Tan
Embrace Saturday morning with a series of gentle stretches and yoga poses, to help soothe and release any tension that may have built up over the last few days. Class will end with a mindfulness practice and deep relaxation, allowing you to step into the rest of the weekend with a clear mind

Jennifer Tan is a Relax and Renew® certified teacher, who has trained with the "Queen of Restorative" herself, Judith Hanson Lasater. Jen loves sharing these teachings with those who recognise the need for deep, authentic rest, and sees Restorative Yoga as an essential part of anyone's asana practice.

20 July Sat 11.30am-12.30pm
Mindful flow by Jiahui/ J
A slow flowing Hatha class, we retreat into our breath to find a stabilising energy and grace. We will practice intentional poses that build strength, groundedness, balance and focus. Learn to listen to our bodies and awaken our minds. This class helps you grow towards less anxiety and more mindful living.

J. is a certified Yoga teacher and student of anatomy, asana, kriyas, meditation, pranayama and yoga philosophy. She completed her training in the mountains of Porto with teachers who studied with Pattabhi Jois. She believes yoga is the key to generating more kindness in the world, and to guide us back to our true nature.

20 July Sat 2-3.15pm
Forrest Yoga for beginners by YJ
Learn basic Forrest Yoga moves and alignment techniques to improve your body awareness, breath deeper and strengthen your core. Forrest Yoga, created by Ana T. Forrest, embodies in it a strong emphasis on physical, mental, and emotional healing.

YJ started his yoga journey as a complement to his gym routine to balance out strength and flexibility. As he ventured deeper into the world of Yoga, he found that there is more to Yoga than just a stretching workout. After trying out various forms of yoga practice, he eventually found a connection with Forrest Yoga, a style of Yoga that heals the body and celebrates life

20 July Sat 5-6pm
Hatha Yoga by Max Teong
Explore foundational yoga poses that will help with improving overall strength and flexibility in the body, especially for the spine, hips and shoulders. Each pose will be held for a slightly longer duration to give us the space to facilitate any necessary adjustments to ensure healthy alignment and also to allow us to appreciate the effects of each pose more deeply

Trained as a physiotherapist, Max has a special interest in ensuring safety through proper alignment in the practice of yoga asanas. He believes that taking the time to connect with and understand one’s own body is the key to establishing a firm foundation and will pave the way for a stronger and deeper practice in the long run

21 July Sun 2-3pm
Freedom to Flow by Derrick
An energising sequence that awakens the body with ease and presence. Flow through simple yet dynamic movements, creating a sense of spaciousness and balance, while connecting with the breath. Feel lighter, stronger and energised from within. Appreciate the practice of releasing and expanding. Discover the freedom to flow.

Derrick is a curious explorer who traverses the vast yet interconnected realms of embodiment in Architecture, Design, Coaching and Yoga. He recognises that with the courage to shift our perceptions and expand our own observer, the topography of life transforms into a profound journey of discovery with authentic textures unfolding in presence, awareness and compassion.

21 July Sun 3.30-4.30pm
Chill Yoga Flow by LT
This class is suitable for everyone who is interested in a relaxed flowing yoga practice. LT will share her favourite downtempo tunes to breathe along with the class.

LT believes in making yoga accessible for people of all body types and fitness levels. Her warm and welcoming personality will ease you into the movements and alignment that you need

21 July Sun 5-6pm
Yoga Nidra by Rudyani Supati
Yoga nidra is a practice of conscious deep sleep (yogic sleep) that brings about relaxation, clarity and calmness. This session is carried out through guided relaxation, usually practised lying down (in shavasana). It is a perfect remedy to the busy and stress-filled lives we lead. Regular yoga nidra practice will lead to complete relaxation on a physical, metal and emotional level and it is more efficient than our regular night sleep. After each yoga nidra session, we will enjoy our fresh and relaxed state.

Rudy did her yoga teachers' training in 2017 and there has been no looking back since then.  She is also a Reiki Level 2 practitioner which helped her slow down even more as she began to enjoy the calmness and the clear state of mind. Recently, she decided to pursue her Yoga Nidra Certification and now is very motivated to share her journey into restful yoga nidra in a state of complete relaxation.

Limited slots for each session.
Note that there's no refund for cancellation, transfers are allowed.
For further queries, please email connect@exhale.com.sg