New to exhale

Where do I start ?

We offer weekly boutique yoga classes like forrest yoga, yin yoga; in-depth workshops on sound healing, meditation, as well as private reiki treatments, accessible yoga sessions and educational courses.

Private Sessions (Accessible Yoga & Reiki Therapy)

I’m new to the healing space, I have sought the necessary medical advice and have

  • chronic pain or injuries
  • challenges relating to stress & anxiety
  • difficulties sleeping or getting a good night’s rest
Yes, this is me

Group Boutique Yoga Classes

I’m new to the healing space and…

  • interested in exploring different types of yoga & meditation practices in a small group setting
  • not a pure beginner to yoga, and have attended a few yoga classes before
  • relatively healthy with no major injuries or illness
Yes, this is me

Initial Consultation

I’m new to the range of healing modalities available, and

  • open to exploring various yoga, meditation & reiki practices
  • would like to understand the different formats through private & group sessions so that I know which one best suits me now
  • keen to visit the studio to have a more comprehensive discussion and assessment
Yes, this is me

Still have questions?

Reach out to us, schedule a chat or book an initial consultation for further assessment


Connect with us through email or our contact form to let us know your questions or challenges

Initial Consultation

Schedule a phone/video call or book a 30min initial consultation at our healing space so that we can understand your needs and recommend the next course of action

Take the next step

Decide on your first step forward and make a booking for the required session