Slow Flow

Slow Flow

by exhale

A slow flowing Hatha class, we retreat into our breath to find a stabilising energy and grace. We will practice intentional poses that build strength, groundedness, balance and focus. Learn to listen to our bodies and awaken our minds. This class helps you grow towards less anxiety and more mindful living.

J. is a certified Yoga teacher and student of anatomy, asana, kriyas, meditation, pranayama and yoga philosophy. She completed her training in the mountains of Porto with teachers who studied with Pattabhi Jois. She believes yoga is the key to generating more kindness in the world, and to guide us back to our true nature.



Derrick Tan


Derrick is a curious explorer who traverses the vast yet interconnected realms of embodiment in Architecture, Design, Coaching and Yoga. He recognises that with the courage to shift our perceptions and expand our own observer, the topography of life transforms into a profound journey of discovery with authentic textures unfolding in presence, awareness and compassion.

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