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Reiki, accessible yoga & somatic movement, breathwork & mindfulnes

In gratitude to the gifts we have received from the universe, having a roof over our heads, food on the table and being able to spread our love of yoga & movement, breathwork & mindfulness as well as reiki, we actively seek out non-profit organisations, social enterprises, disabled or underprivileged communities that can benefit from our services. In particular, our focus is on seniors, caregivers, people with mental health challenges and the special needs community, kids through teens with ASD & Down Syndrome.

The key objective is to develop and grow outreach complementary healing programs for beneficiaries who can benefit most, in a sustainable and impactful way. The funds are used for subsidized payment for teachers or healing practitioners to conduct the programs with beneficiaries as well as purchase of props or equipment.

Our vision is for the day when an individual who has benefited from our program pays it forward to his/her own community, coming full circle, and becoming an inspiration to all

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kokoro: the heart of the encore movement project

Kokoro – unites the notions of heart, mind, and spirit – with all three elements as being indivisible from one other. By extension, kokoro refers to all human activities affecting the outside world through intention, emotion, and intellect. There is no single English word that encapsulates this, neither is there any that adequately explains other Asian languages for “heart” – Chinese (xin ) and Thai (jai ใจ).

Our hope in igniting these projects is to develop an inclusive, compassionate society from our heart center, our essence, with no boundaries uniting heart, mind & spirit.

Our projects

Here are some of our current and past projects

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Reiki Clinic Outreach

Trained Reiki practitioners from all over Singapore come together in this compassionate practice of giving back to the community. On a bi-weekly basis, volunteer Reiki practitioners provide 1-1 Reiki sessions to the seniors at the Active Ageing Centre. These lovely seniors feel calm and relaxed after every session, smiling and holding a thumbs up to us at the end. They also bring their friends and always look forward to the next session!

Sep 2023 to date

Mindfulness Breathing workshop

Mindfulness breathwork

Caregivers are the hidden heroes amongst us. Studies have shown that at least 27% of our community is caring for someone with a mental health condition and more than half report feeling stressed. In this workshop, we taught participants from non-profit organisation, Caregivers Aliance, on how to regulate their emotions, using their breath to pause mindfully before taking conscious action. Through simple meditation techniques, participants understood how they can be compassionate to others and themselves. Read more here.

Feb 2023

Pregnancy Loss and Remembrance Day 2022

Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day

In collaboration with the Pregnancy Loss Coach and Mindful Space, we facilitated a somatic mindfulness session for a group of mothers, in memory of their loved ones. This is part of an annual event that seeks to bring more awareness and break the social and cultural taboos related to the loss and grief. Besides the movement & sound healing sessions, participants also expressed their emotions through art, sharing their heartfelt stories, ending with a candle-lighting vigil.

15 Oct 2022


Reiki Student Clinic

To support the mental and emotional well-being of our community during the pandemic, we offered Pay-As-You-Wish Reiki sessions to anyone who may be going through a stressful time, experiencing feelings of anxiety or frustration. These sessions are facilitated by trained Reiki practitioners from exhale who are volunteering their time for this worthy cause. 100% of the proceeds are donated to non-profit organisations, PAVE (helping individuals affected by family violence), HealthServe (supporting migrant workers) and SOSD (Save our Street Dogs). A total of S$15,674 was raised.

Sep 2020 to Dec 2021

Yoga from the heart

Yoga from the heart

In response to the growing uncertainties with the pandemic, we rounded up the community to provide online donation-based yoga classes. This allowed people who may have been affected financially to continue to practice yoga from the comfort of their home. At the same time, all proceeds were donated to food charities which were affected by reduced donations at a critical time. The beneficiaries chosen were non-profit organisations Food from the heart and the soup kitchen Willing Hearts.

Jan-Jun 2020


10 days of community

As part of our ethos to pay it forward, we gathered a group of beautiful souls to facilitate different yoga, meditation & reiki sessions. We hope that with minimal a drop-in rate of $10, this will allow pple who don’t normally have access to such classes to join us. Our intent is that the benefits we have received from these practices are paid forward to the under-served communities.

July 2019

Yoga for mental health

Yoga for mental health

This program involved weekly yoga sessions at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) in Singapore. These voluntary sessions were facilitated on-site for a specific ward over a few months. This allowed the patients the opportunity to experience a combination of breathwork and foundation yoga poses within a controlled group setting.


Project Access

Project Access

In collaboration with Kidspace Learning Place and Rare Disorders Society (Singapore), we brought home-based learning & therapy services for children with rare diseases! Many of these home-bound kids have life threatening rare diseases and miss out on access to learning and wellness programs that kids their age usually enjoy. With the massage & energy therapy sessions, this can help provide a better quality of life for these little warriors.



Playground of Joy

Collaboration with Playground of Joy to deliver 21-weeks Integrated Program for special needs kids and teens, combining yoga, art & music therapy. Students learnt basic yoga poses with breathing techniques, gradually combining them into sun salutation and eventually supporting each other in partner poses.

Parents were delighted on the improved focus & concentration, better psycho-motor skills and overall eagerness to come to class every week!


How can you help ?

Reach out to us! Whether you're a non-profit organisation who would like to introduce yoga or reiki sessions to your beneficiaries, or a trained yoga teacher/ reiki practitioner who is keen to volunteer your time for worthy causes