What students say – testimonials

What students say – testimonials

My first encounter with Reiki happened when I was going through a career crisis. I was on the verge of burnout and was desperately searching for ways to manage my anxiety. Ming Li gave me a temporary attunement and a few weeks later (despite a hectic schedule) I signed up for the Reiki Level 1 course. It was a transformative week-end. The self-healing helped me cope with all the changes going on in my life. Less than 6 months later – and a career change – I was back for Level 2 to discover more. Ming Li gave me excellent energy guidance. I also appreciate how she leaves you space to experiment and develop your own sense of intuition

~ Nathalie Pouzoulet

I heard about Reiki in 2000 but I only started to seriously think about it 3 years ago. When I decided to do Reiki Level 1, I was going through a difficult phase of my life. I was struggling with stress at work and at the same time, my mum’s siblings were fighting cancer. It was a tough period as I had to also provide emotional support as she confronted her fears of losing her siblings.

With reiki, I first learn about self-healing. I was able to better manage my stress and improve my energy level which helped me tremendously with my professional life. I have since been giving reiki healing to others & my mum, especially. Reiki healing helped bring a sense of calmness in her stressful moments and relieved her discomfort in times of physical pain.

I’m grateful that I took a leap of faith to learn more about reiki which has benefitted myself and others in time of need. Reiki healing is now a big part of my daily life.

~ Anonymous

I was first introduced to Reiki when had difficulty with sleeping, and was desperate to try all possible remedies in order to stay away from sleeping pills.

My first full reiki session with Ming, through her healing hands, the experience of flowing energy inside the entire body amazed me, I felt physically and mentally relaxed, supported and balanced. With the help of that session, I resolved my insomnia issue from its deeper root-cause. Following that first session, feeling a deeper connection from Ming’s teaching, I later decided to complete Level 1 & 2 Reiki training with Ming, and Level 3 with her Reiki Master. Since then, Reiki has been helping me personally as well as a yoga teacher to connect with energy flow, to achieve mental & emotional balance, whenever I need to “ground down”.

Nowadays, a self Reiki-session has becoming my daily routine. Deeply grateful, that Ming has opened this brand new door for me.

~ Yan Zhou

Ming Li has helped me tremendously through my personal yoga journey. One day as I was trying out different types of yoga I stumbled upon this cute little yoga studios at River Valley! The moment I walked in, it felt so cosy and I could immediately see myself learning yoga here on a regular basis. Ming Li has made everyone feel so comfortable and fun to learn Forrest yoga, even when it is challenging at times but yet I would always come back for more! Her class is small and intimate. I always feel so relaxed after her class!

I enjoyed Forrest yoga to the point I decided to join the Forrest yoga foundation training in Bali only within less than 6 months of joining Ming Li’s class! I remembered vividly the day I told her about it and I bursted out crying all of the sudden. I told Ming Li that I needed the change in my life. Looking back at this is very moment, this is where my healing started.

I’m so grateful for her support and encouragement throughout. Seeing her at the foundation teacher training and sitting next to me for the morning ceremony felt so surreal. Without meeting her I would not be doing the training. I kept an open mind throughout the training and met a lot of wonderful girls along the way. Straight after I finished the training, she has asked me to cover two classes which was exactly what I needed at that moment and boosted my confidence on teaching yoga! I know this is only the start of my yoga learning journey. Since then, I have then completed yoga body work level 1 and Mentorship with Forrest Yoga guardian.

In December, I attended Reiki level 1 with Ming Li. It was fascinating to see her on a different light and not just in yoga. She is always so friendly and patient in her teaching. I have now integrated Reiki into my daily life. I felt this is my way of protecting my own energy.

I would like to take this opportunity to send my utmost gratitude to my teacher. Without her I will not be who I am today and I always look forward to go to any of her classes. She has welcomed me to this new country in the best possible way. Namaste!

~ Esther Chung

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