Stories from our community – Daven Wu

Stories from our community – Daven Wu

Discover Daven’s insightful journey into Reiki, sparked by a friend’s simple suggestion to join a Level 1 class with Ming Li in Singapore. In this curious exploration, Daven shares how life’s natural course, from yoga to meditation and encounters with healers, seamlessly led him to Reiki. This has allowed him to Daven experience ongoing transformation, fostering internal peace and improved relationships. The interview provides a relatable dive into Daven’s practical perspective on Reiki, offering a genuine invitation for readers to explore the subtle yet impactful shifts that Reiki brings to everyday life.

Daven has recently completed his Reiki Teachers’ Training with Ming Li.

What brought you to Reiki?

Superficially, a friend of a friend recommended that I take a Level 1 class with Ming Li in Singapore. On a deeper level, I don’t believe in random events and I was probably working towards the moment my whole life – first through yoga, then meditation and meeting a series of healers along the way, before I was tugged towards Reiki.

How has Reiki changed your life?

It’s probably more accurate to say that it’s changing my life – it’s a constant evolving process. The most obvious change is that I’ve become more centred and calmer with a distinct quality of internal peace. My relationships have also become more harmonious, mindful and agreeable. What’s interesting is that I don’t think other people or situations have changed – it’s just that my energy has changed and I respond in a less triggered way.

What would you say are three things/people/events that supported you on your Reiki journey?

My teacher Ming Li, obviously. She has been a steady beacon who’s allowed us to wander off in our own direction, whilst remaining a constant that we can always come back to her when we need to. My yoga practice has taken on a more internal dimension, with a meditative quality – which, in turn, feeds the inner stability that Reiki creates. The third one would be my clients – watching them take their own journey, even if it’s during the course of an hour-long session, only reinforces for me the healing, positive qualities of Reiki.

What would you recommend to someone just starting to explore Reiki?

Take it one day at a time. Reiki is a healing journey and it cannot be rushed. For me, doing the 21-day self healing sessions was fundamental to the energy shift.

What is one thing you would do differently in your Reiki journey?

I might have wanted to start it earlier, but then again, I probably wouldn’t have been ready to do the work. Everything comes in its own time.

How has your perspective on life changed after doing Reiki?

I live very much in the present. At least, I try to. I used to always look forward to something – a trip, meeting a friend, a meal, finishing a deadline. Now, my internal default setting is to put the future out of my mind, not think about it, and get on with whatever I’m doing right now. The future will come when it comes.

What do you say to family/friends who ask you about Reiki?

I tell them what I’ve written above, usually in a condensed form. One or two are really interested and may ask thoughtful, probing questions, but most people are just making polite
conversation and quickly move onto something else.

Anything else you would like to add on?

Like yoga and meditation and any other spiritual milestone, Reiki comes into your life when you’re ready for it.

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