Animal Reiki & Communication

Connecting and communicating with our animal friends to support mutual understanding and healing
Animals are a window to your soul and a doorway to your spiritual destiny. If you let them into your life and allow them to teach you, you will be better for it. ~ Kim Shotola

In a nutshell

Complementary energy therapy for our animal friends that can help to calm nerves and reduce anxiety


Understanding the needs of our animal friends through non-verbal communication using multi-sensory cues


Offers a wholistic view of the relationship between the guardian and our animal friends


Honouring and respecting a deeper innate intelligence that resides in all living beings


“I was super skeptical about animal communication at first. But all that changed with Ming Li, (who connected with) Bailey, my golden retriever, when she was suffering from severe skin issues and eye issues. The vet had suggested she be put under general anaesthetic in order to conduct a biopsy. Ming Li sent reiki to Bailey before her surgery and comforted Bailey. I have a super nervous dog, but the vet said she was absolutely calm.

Ming Li shared valuable insight into Bailey’s thoughts and feelings. She brought to my attention many changes that Bailey was going through. Wow, spot on! The amazing details she raised could have only come from her direct communication with Bailey, including where she hides when scared. Bailey and I thank Ming Li very much!”

– Mel & Bailey

frequently asked questions

Animal Reiki is a form of complementary energy therapy that supports healing for our animal friends, helps to restore balance and increases feelings of peace & calm.  Animal communication is mostly non-verbal, telepathic and can consist of emotions, sensations, thoughts, intentions and of course translations relating to the five senses — sight (through images & visuals) sounds, taste, smell and touch. When used in combination, can be a powerful means of understanding our animal friends and what we can do to support them.

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Distant sessions are recommended especially for our animal friends that are generally more anxious when meeting strangers for the first time.

We start off with a discussion with the guardian on the areas of concern. If necessary, home visits can also be arranged. Photos of our animal friend – showing facial features is also required.

Upon engagement, within 5-7 days once the session is complete, we will arrange a call with the guardian to discuss further and address any queries or provide recommendations that may arise from the session

Possible options for animal reiki sessions

  • Distant healing : Only photos of our animal friends are needed. Unless necessary, for example, the reiki session needs to happen when our animal friend is in surgery, we do not need to arrange for a specific timing/schedule for the connection.
  • Home visits : Depending on concerns of the guardian, and the need to understand the home environment, home visits can be arranged (at additional cost)

Animal reiki & communication sessions can be suitable if our animal friends are

  • under stress, feeling anxious due to an upcoming surgical procedure or are in post-recovery
  • having skin or physical issues that are still being diagnosed by a vet
  • exhibiting fear or anxiety before/during adoption into a household
  • having difficulties integrating with new/current pets
  • showing behavioral challenges that are out of the ordinary
  • in their last days of transition and you would like to support their final journey

what is the investment

Here are the main options offered.

NOTE: If you have other requirements, for instance, the need for more intensive sessions for pets in the midst of pre/post relocation to a new home or country, or pets with chronic illness or going through the end of life transition, do reach out for a customized program.
We offer the option to book animal reiki & communication sessions in blocks of hours.

  • $85

    Reiki Only

    Single session
    • Distant animal reiki session
    • Great for calming animals eg. during surgery, vet visits, in transition
    • 15mins discussion after
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  • $150

    Reiki & Communication

    Per pet
    • Combination of animal reiki & communication
    • 3 open questions from guardian
    • 15-30mins discussion
    • Option for house visits @ $50
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  • $135


    Three sessions for $405
    • 3 animal reiki & communication sessions
    • 3 open questions from the guardian
    • 15-30mins discussion
    • 3 months validity
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