Who we are

We believe
there is a gem in everyone
– one that makes you unique & special

Our mission is to support your expedition to uncover your gem, so that with this breakthrough comes an ineffable freedom like never before, igniting the impetus to live life to your fullest capacity

our commitment

To create a safe space to honour the power of rest, to listen to the pause in between the sounds, to abide in the liminal space of stillness

To learn from the healing wisdom of our bodies through breath and a deep inner connection

To inspire change as you courageously trudge through the physical & emotional challenges that may be locked in your body

To imbibe the principles of Kintsugi as you fall and pick yourself up and know that you are whole at this moment in time

To develop compassion by supporting others in our community who may need a helping hand

our values



Honour wisdom from all ; those who walk before us to evidence-based discoveries and our body’s inner compass



Develop courage in the face of our fears, courage to see our authentic selves; to dance to the beat of our own drum; to take action a step at a time, day by day



Prioritise self-compassion & self-love; build compassion for others ingrained in our ethos to pay it forward