Mending the hoop of the people

Forrest Yoga weekly classes

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15-16 Sep 2018

Usui Reiki Level 1

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exhale @ home

integrative bodywork

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"our bodies tell us stories and they always tell the truth when we listen - Ana T. Forrest"

exhale @ home is a cosy healing space dedicated to educating & empowering emotional health & wellness in the community. We offer multiple complementary therapies, healing & health modalities like forrest yoga, reiki therapy, and integrative bodywork
These are facilitated through private healing sessions, regular classes & workshops, as well as corporate programs & retreats. 

Ingrained within our ethos to pay it forward to the local Singapore community, we  are now an ambassador of the International Accessible Yoga movement dedicated to sharing yoga with everyone. Our social arm exhale foundation   current project : The Penguin Village raises funds & plans regular outreach programs for kids with special needs & palliative care

Forrest Yoga certified teacherAccessible Yoga ambassador

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Weekly Group classes  Workshops & community events  Private therapy  

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Upcoming workshops & community events

Reiki Circle | 3 Aug, Fri 7.30pm
Learn about what reiki is, the benefits for self-healing; experience an 'attunement' in order to allow reiki energy to flow through your hands. Get together in groups and allow yourself the experience of giving & receiving reiki! New comers and regular practitioners welcome. Book here
Celebrate! Special Forrest Yoga Jam session | 10 Aug, Fri 7.30pm
Celebrate Singapore's National Day with us in this special Forrest Yoga Jam session. Come in red and/or white and enjoy the exhilaration of being alive! Get ready to be surprised.....Rawwrrrrr..... Book here

Women's circle : REwrite our story | 17 Aug, Fri 7.30pm
RE-focus the lens we look through so that our stories can be RE-written to allow ourselves to live in the strength and power that our feminine energy naturally affords us. Book here

15mins Personal consultation | 15 Aug Wed 6-8 pm
Take this opportunity to  come by for a discussion to  understand what your body needs, especially for people who are keen to kickstart their physical & emotional wellness Book here

 The cat sat on the mat | 22 Aug Wed 2 pm
Animal Yoga with Cats & Adoption Drive. Join us for an afternoon that’s part yoga, part adoption drive and 100% adorable. We’ll be inviting a few friendly kitties to lounge around during the class, guaranteed to make the class twice as relaxing and fun Book here

The Living Womb Series | 29 Aug - 26 Sep Weds 7.30pm pm
Womb Yoga, developed by Dr Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, is an embodied practice of listening and honouring the wisdom of your body, especially the cyclical rhythms of your womb life. It is a practice of sound, breath, flowing movement and stillness. Book here


Usui Reiki Level 1 | 15-16 Sep Sat-Sun 10am-5 pm
First step in activating Reiki flow in your hands, and empowering your own self healing. Book here

Usui Reiki Level 2 | 18-19 Aug Sat-Sun 10am-5 pm
Take things up to the next  level in Reiki 2! Learn to use symbols to enhance reiki flow and to develop alternative uses of Reiki energy  Book here